1. Which structure is not part of the endomembrane system?
a. nuclear envelope
b. chloroplast
c. Golgi apparatus
d. plasma membrane
e. ER

2. Which structure is common to plant and animal cells?
a. chloroplast
b. wall made of cellulose
c. central vacuole
d. mitochondrion
e. centriole

3. Which of the following is present in a prokaryotic cell?
a. mitochondrion
b. ribosome
c. nuclear envelope
d. chloroplast
e. ER

4. Which structure-function pair is mismatched?
a. nucleolus; production of ribosomal subunits
b. lysosome; intracellular digestion
c. ribosome; protein synthesis
d. Golgi; protein trafficking
e. microtubule; muscle contraction

5. Cyanide binds to at least one molecule involved in producing ATP. If a cell is exposed to cyanide, most of the cyanide will be found within the
a. mitochondria.
b. ribosomes.
c. peroxisomes.
d. lysosomes.
e. endoplasmic reticulum.

6. What is the most likely pathway taken by a newly synthesized protein that will be secreted by a cell?
a. ER → Golgi → nucleus
b. Golgi → ER → lysosome
c. nucleus → ER → Golgi
d. ER → Golgi → vesicles that fuse with plasma membrane
e. ER → lysosomes → vesicles that fuse with plasma membrane

7. Which cell would be best for studying lysosomes?
a. muscle cell
b. nerve cell
c. phagocytic white blood cell
d. leaf cell of a plant
e. bacterial cell

9. In what way do the membranes of a eukaryotic cell vary?
a. Phospholipids are found only in certain membranes.
b. Certain proteins are unique to each membrane.
c. Only certain membranes of the cell are selectively permeable.
d. Only certain membranes are constructed from amphipathic molecules.
e. Some membranes have hydrophobic surfaces exposed to the cytoplasm, while others have hydrophilic surfaces facing the cytoplasm.

10. According to the fluid mosaic model of membrane structure, proteins of the membrane are mostly
a. spread in a continuous layer over the inner and outer surfaces of the membrane.
b. confined to the hydrophobic interior of the membrane.
c. embedded in a lipid bilayer.
d. randomly oriented in the membrane, with no fixed insideoutside polarity.
e. free to depart from the fluid membrane and dissolve in the surrounding solution.

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